The Cuddle-with-Relativity Graphghan Pattern.

Hey makers, this baby blanket pattern was a result of me watching and reading too much physics-related shows and books and my creative side has to make something geeky so what better than a ode to Einstein right?

Pay attention to the notes section for more details on how to read the pattern and important things about the pattern, but first lets get together all the supplies we would need to make this beauty with our own two hands.


Supply List :

Yarn :

1. Value Solid yarn by Craftsmart in color Mushroom
● For the entire afghan I used little less than
two skeins of 198 g each.
● This is the main color/ background color.

2. Value Solid yarn by Craftsmart in color CornFlower
● This color is used for all the letters and the borders. I used little less than 1 skein of 198g.

Other than the yarn you would need

  • Tapestry needle
  • Pair of scissors
  • 4.5 mm crochet hook

Stitches Used :
ch – chain stitch
sc – single crochet

Gauge :
15 sc stitches – 16 rows ~ 4 inch (10 cm)


Finished afghan size (with border) ~ 25.5 inch(length) x 54.5 inch (width)
* Finished size is of the afghan made using the materials listed above. The size may vary if a different yarn, hook, or gauge is used.

Notes :

→ This is a graphan(Graph + Afghan 😀😀) which is done entirely with single crochets only – no other stitches are used.
→ Do not carry-over yarn anywhere – use small pieces of yarn(aka bobbins) and leave off as you change into the next color. Pick up the strand when you come back for the next row and so on.

Checkout this tutorial to learn how to seamlessly change colors in a graphghan :

→ Every row should have a total of 198 sc stitches.
→ All odd rows would be the right side(RS) and all even rows would be on the wrong side (WS).
→ Read the chart right-left while crocheting on even row (RS) and left-right while crocheting on odd rows(LS) – the arrows in the pattern chart would help you keep a track of this.
→ All even rows are just return passes so the colors would be the same as the previous row.
→ I have written this pattern down in the form of a grid/block/boxes so it’s easy to understand
and follow. It’s all single crochets so you got to make as many single crochets as mentioned in the block of that color.
→ Feel free to use any other yarn and corresponding hook size – your finished project size may vary but the pattern to follow would be the same.
→ At the end of every row, ch1 and turn the work and follow the pattern for the next row.
→ Also feel free to use any other combinations you might wanna try this in.
→ Color chart to follow for the pattern is as follows :

For example if the row is as follows :

This means you have to read the numbers right to left (arrow direction) and you need to crochet 16sc in color mushroom then 2 sc in color cornflower then 180 sc in color mushroom.

Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern Chart

This means you have to read the numbers left to right (arrow direction) and you need to crochet 180sc in color mushroom then 2 sc in color cornflower then 16 sc in color mushroom.
For even rows you can easily make out which color you need to use by looking at the previous row – just follow the color changes of the previous row and use the chart to confirm you are doing it right.
If you have any questions at all on the pattern shoot me an email on [email protected] or catch me on any of my social media handles I will help you out right away. 🙂🙂🙂🙂.
Okay then get your yarn bobbins and crochet hook and let’s start making this beautiful graphghan and pay homage to the amazing scientist Albert Einstein.
Start with a slip knot in color mushroom (this is the color of your background/ main color).
For the foundation row make 199 chains, for next row(Row 1) skip the first stitch from the hook and make a sc in every stitch – that will give you 198 scs on Row 1. Follow the chart below for rest of the rows :

Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern Chart

Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern Chart Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern Chart Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern ChartCrochet Baby Blanket Pattern Chart


Great job finishing off the graphghan, aren’t you delighted the way it’s turned out to be???? 😍😍😍😍

Okay so at this point you are just left the following three tasks to officially mark this graphghan off your list and move onto the next project :

1. Add-in a border of your choice on all 4 sides. I did the following 3 things :
a. 2 rows of single crochet in each stitch using the color cornflower(blue) on all 4
b. After these 2 rows I did 2 more rows of single crochet in each stitch using the
color mushroom on top and bottom sides only.
c. Lastly I did 2 more rows of single crochet in every stitch using the color cornflower on top and bottom sides only.
2. Once the borders are done weave-in the ends so there are no loose ends on the wrong side of the afghan.
3. If you wish you can block the afghan – I didn’t feel like blocking since it was nice and flat without it but in case your work is looking uneven at places or not lying down flat you can go ahead and block it.

Fancy-optional Finishing :

Usually with graphghans since multiple colored yarns are used and you would be switching between the strands of yarn – the wrong side looks a little messy so if you wish you can stitch in a piece of fabric on the wrong side to hide all of that and make it look pretty even on the wrong side. That would make it look really nice and elegant. For that you need either a sewing machine or the patience to hand-sew 😄😄😄 – either ways it would look nice on both sides if you go for it. 

Hope you enjoyed making this graphghan as much as I did and come back for more fun projects and crochet goodies. Do let me know if you have any questions on the pattern or anything related to crochet in general – I would be happy to help.

Take care, happy hooking!!!


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